How to set up an OJÄB VPN connection in Ubuntu GNU/Linux

1. Required packages

You’re gonna need “network-manager-pptp” package installed.
If you can connect to the Internet somewhere else (like in a Coffee
bar or sth) open Synaptic package manager, search for and install the
“network-manager-pptp” package (or enter “sudo apt-get install
network-manager-pptp” from a terminal).

If you don’t have Internet available anywhere you can also find
this package on the Ubuntu install CD if my memory is good (somewhere
buried in the folders).

Third options is, if you have a connection in Windows, open the web-page and download this package (but you’re
gonna have to download it’s prerequisites manually as well – I
think it’s only the “pptp-linux” package, but check – and
install them in the right order back in Ubuntu).

2. Ethernet connection

Make sure your computer is connected to the Ethernet plug in your
wall (in my room only the left one works so take note that not all
are functional) and turn it on. When Ubuntu boots it should
automatically connect through it.

If it doesn’t try left clicking on the Network Manager Applet icon
(upper right part of the screen) and selecting Auto eth0 from the
drop-down menu. If it’s not available, open terminal and enter the
“sudo dhclient” command.

When you’re done you should see the “two computers” icon on
the Network Manager Applet.

3. Setting up VPN connection

Once you’re connected to Ethernet and have the pptp package
installed we can proceed. Right click Network Manager Applet ? Edit
Connections ? VPN tab ? Add ? Select PPTP ? create ? enter
username, password, gateway ip as in the Windows instructions you got
(and check the connect automatically box) ? Advanced ? check
“Send PPP echo packets” ? ok ? apply ? close.

Or follow these five lovely pictures (and don’t mind my old
VPN-Verbindung connection):


4. Connecting to a VPN connection

Once you are connected to Ethernet and have a working VPN
connection you can connect. Left click Network Manager Applet ? VPN
Connections ? VPN-OJAB

You should see a yellow lock icon appear over your standard “two
computers” icons appear. If that happens, congratulations, you have
Internet in Ubuntu! Enjoy 🙂

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