How to set up an OJÄB VPN connection in Ubuntu GNU/Linux

1. Required packages

You’re gonna need “network-manager-pptp” package installed.
If you can connect to the Internet somewhere else (like in a Coffee
bar or sth) open Synaptic package manager, search for and install the
“network-manager-pptp” package (or enter “sudo apt-get install
network-manager-pptp” from a terminal).

If you don’t have Internet available anywhere you can also find
this package on the Ubuntu install CD if my memory is good (somewhere
buried in the folders).

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First post

In the long tradition of first posts this one is not much of an exception.

The general information about me and my blog can be found in the oh-so-wierdly-named “about” section.

In the blog I will write about my findings in the world of hacking (i.e. becoming more efficient through programming, using useful programs and/or discovering new technologies), in the manner of so many other blogs. Because I depend on information from sources like these a lot, this is my way of saying “thank you” to the community.

I also hope to make several hobby sections soon with photography, music and videos.

Well, so much for my first post. I shall get to some fixin’ up of the design now, so that everything’s nice’n’shiny by the time people get to actually read this 🙂