TweetDeck as an Ubuntu app

Want a nice GUI to read through your Twitter (and Facebook) feeds in Ubuntu?

While the official TweetDeck site doesn’t offer a native client and it is not possible to install it on top of Adobe Air anymore (since it’s been dropped), it is possible to get TweetDeck as a wrapped web app in Ubuntu – through Chromium’s “create application shortcuts”.

TweetDeck in Ubuntu – multiple columns show various feeds.

To set it up just do follow these easy steps:

  1. Install and run Google Chrome or Chromium (if you haven’t already)
  2. Open this link inside it to install the TweetDeck web app
  3. Open the app and set it up (you will need to create a new TweetDeck account and hook it up with your existing Twitter and (if you want to) Facebook accounts)
  4. Go to File – Create Application Shortcuts… in Chrom(e/ium)
  5. Done! You have a nice little desktop application wrapper for the well-designed web app. Try searching the Dash for it… (super – “Tweet…”)

The cons are that the app doesn’t work offline. Maybe this will be solved better through other web app wrapping methods for Ubuntu (Fogger or the upcoming Ubuntu Web Apps).

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