A talking Raspberry Pi using Resin.io

Just trying out resin.io which is a nice new service that enables you to deploy apps to Raspberry Pi devices in a Heroku-like workflow:

git push resin master

In this post I’ll explain how I deployed a simple app that recites “N green bottles” written in Node.js to my Raspberry Pi via resin.io – without having to ssh to the Pi even once.

First I followed the video with official instructions, which is quite easy to understand and leads you through the whole process of getting a sample app up and running. I had a problem at first deploying the sample text2speech app, due to an error:

qemu: uncaught target signal 11 (Segmentation fault) - core dumped

But on the second git push attempt it worked (although it takes some time to build all the dependencies). All in all, when I remember the messy steps I had to go through to set up my first RPy image manually, this is super elegant – you don’t even have to use weird dd commands to copy the image to the SD card, it’s enough to just extract the zip file.

Happy deploy unicorn! Charlie?

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