A useful Sip colour picker format

If you’re a designer using the Sip for Mac app to pick colours, you might find this format useful. I call it the “web designer hex”. Hex is probably the easiest format to use in your CSS files and different applications for simple copy-pasting. Still, when you’re picking colours off of your inspiration sources for examination, it’s easier to think in the HSB colour system. As Erik D. Kennedy puts it, a strong HSB advocate and author of excellent articles on design puts it:

Therefore, I set this format up to display additional hue, saturation and brightness values when I have the magnifier open and only copy minimalist hex value into the clipboard (#E05049 in this case).

You can import this format by downloading and opening this file. If you prefer to manually set it up, click on the Sip icon in your toolbar, select the format chooser and click on the big “+” icon to create a new format. Once in there, give it a simple title (e.g. “web designer hex”) and enter this simple snippet as your Clipboard format.

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Easily install Google Fonts

Just as I was doing a website mockup exercise in the awesome Sketch app, I noticed that I’m missing a font locally – Open Sans, one of the many open source fonts available on Google Fonts. I went searching for some Sketch plugin to install these fonts easily (which would make sense, since they are often used on the web as they’re free and some of them are really good). I haven’t found a plug-in, but I did find a nice small Mac app that sits in your tray and allows you to easily install Google Fonts:


It’s easy to set up by installing it from the above link or using Homebrew Cask:

brew cask install skyfonts

After this, you simply browse Google Fonts on fonts.com and “add” them (you’ll need an account there).

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