WEP cracking

You need the following packages installed:


(from Synaptic or from terminal “sudo apt-get install aricrack-ng”)

Next I will give you the terminal commands – you just have to change the parts so that they reflect your situation (for example mac addresses, interfaces etc.).

The recipe

Start airmon on your wireless interface (“ip -d addr” might help if you’re not sure):

airmon-ng start wlan0

Monitoring traffic (enter number from 0 on instead of – sometimes you’ll have to backtrack here to change the channel):

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List of update and software sites in Eclipse

If you installed Eclipse from the Ubuntu repositories, your software sites list might be emty. In that case, Eclipse won’t update itself and you won’t be able to install new software.

Here is a way you can fix this. Go to help->install new software->click on the blue hyperlink “Available software sites”

Now either import the bookmarks.xml with this as contents or do it manually.

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Num pad doesn’t work in Ubuntu

When I installed Ubuntu 9.10, my num pad stopped working as it used to – it moved the mouse instead of inputing numbers. Pressing num lock didn’t help either.

Anyway I found the solution quickly on Ubuntu forums:

It appears it’s some accessibility feature. I probably pressed some key combo that turned it on.

Syncronizing your usb and hard disk with Unison

Today I decided to automate the tedious process of syncronising my SD card and hard drive (for example to get files to an e-book reader faster and be able to read from it more often (which is way better than straining your eyes reading from a monitor)). The good thing is that you can later use the same technique to sync USBs, external hard drives, even remote machines via ssh or ftp – you just tweak the paths.

First I thought of Linux’ rsync command, but Unison is suggested as a bit more user-friendly and abstract program that achieves the deed. Here’s how you do it.

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