Pdf4Eclipse integration with Texlipse

Shortly after explaining how to enable cross-platform access to Texlipse project in the last post, a new project emerged on the Eclipse marketplace called Pdf4Tex and it’s developed by the same people who are behind the excellent Texlipse plug-in for LaTeX editing in Eclipse. They announced it on the Texlipse project webpage a couple of weeks ago:

21.10.2011: Pdf reader for Eclipse

Good news everyone. We developed a new project called Pdf4Eclipse, which is a Pdf reader for Eclipse. It is perfectly usable with TeXlipse since it supports SyncTeX and automatic reload of changed pdf documents.
It will soon also be available from TeXlipse’s update site.

With this plug-in, .pdf files can be double-clicked and viewed in Eclipse, without the need to set up external viewers (which can be quite nasty when accessing the same project from multiple OSs as seen before).

Forward and inverse search enable quick source and output snippet locating.

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