PPP over WLAN in Ubuntu

It’s not that easy to get PPP over WLAN running in Ubuntu.

Network Manager lacks the option to choose a connection, but instead always tries to connect through ethernet. This works fine when you are actually plugged to a wall, but sometimes you connect to a LAN over WLAN and then need to establish a PPP connection to the internet.

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WEP cracking

You need the following packages installed:


(from Synaptic or from terminal “sudo apt-get install aricrack-ng”)

Next I will give you the terminal commands – you just have to change the parts so that they reflect your situation (for example mac addresses, interfaces etc.).

The recipe

Start airmon on your wireless interface (“ip -d addr” might help if you’re not sure):

airmon-ng start wlan0

Monitoring traffic (enter number from 0 on instead of – sometimes you’ll have to backtrack here to change the channel):

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